Home Arrest For Unvaccinated

You Get A Staycation

Anyone who doesn’t want to get a vaccine, and wear a mask when they are in public, ought to be placed on home arrest. We put ankle bracelets on humans for distributing nonlethal drugs. Let’s reverse it. Use those tools to contain folks who don’t care enough to live, are dumb enough to die a preventable death, or are brainwashed by misinformation.

When this started, I knew that there would be different versions of Covid for African Americans. It’s not hard to imagine when you know our history. But I had no idea. When I asked my white friends, most of them were not impacted. When I checked in with my Black friends, they rattled off names.

My aunt, Aileen, was only 60. My best friend from work, Barb, is on a ventilator.

For me, Covid was a 24 hour news story until a phone call from my mom’s assisted living facility plopped it into my real life. She was hospitalized. My husband and father-in-law were admitted into a hospital as well. Our children got it. I did not. And now, my peeps are all good. We didn’t survive this horror show to find out that we’re trapped in even worse sequels, like Delta and Lambda.

Before vaccines were readily available, we were all falling off a cliff together. Now, it’s like you’re pushing my car with yours. That’s how reckless you are. My son just picked up his books and laptop for his sophomore year of high school. He never stepped inside a classroom as a freshman. Yet, some of his friend’s parents still haven’t gotten them vaccinated. As a mom, I am trying to make his first week of school as amazing as possible. It may be all my kid gets due to unvaccinated selfish souls like you.

The financial and physical toll is all over the news. But there’s an emotional one as well. I was advocating for a loved one by trying to find a therapist. I called the health care provider.

I must be doing something with the search criteria. I’ve called, like, five pages of doctors. Everyone is full.

He told me to keep going. I finally found someone great. Covid and its ugly sister, quarantine, increased the need for mental health services by 96%. The unvaccinated have made our country less safe — physically, mentally, and fiscally.

Stay home. Or get your shot, so we can go back to some kind of normal before we forget what normal is.

I like to imagine what people in less wealthy counties must think.

Wait? Your country shut down, and paid some of you to stay home to quarantine at home..? Then you guys got the first vaccines. For free..? Anyone can get them at a doctor? Grocery store? Rural clinics? And you’re giving away shots to my country because you don’t use them..?

Those of you who want to die like a Fox News Patriot, please feel free to go ahead and do so. But I beg you to leave me and my family out of it. Until you change your mind or our government requires it you get a staycation. Every month, a probation officer could come out for wellness checks, to find out if the individual wants to get vaccinated, and to add another month of staycation.



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