I am a bitter bitch. And that’s okay.

My 14 year old son said something that could be perceived as sexist. Nothing horrible just a moment for education. It had to do with dress codes, girls, and women feeling like the weight of the world was on their shoulders. My husband and father in law stepped in. They told him.

The entire world is against women. This country even. For example, if you get hurt, and take a pill to feel better. That medicine has been tested on men. We didn’t care at all about what those pills might do to women until recently. Your whole life, you’ll get to see how much easier it is to be a guy.

I was grateful that I married a man with three daughters, an advocate of my gender.

I checked back in with my son last night.

If you’re looking for a real time example of sexism, ask yourself why we have never had a female President. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the popular vote but did not win the electoral vote. Also, there was a Russian campaign of interference to keep her out of The White House. Question authority? Why is it acceptable that in a land of 51% women, we have had a few viable female candidates for President?

He is 14 so I did not go on about internalized misogyny and long term effects of patriarchy.

Today, my favorite candidate, Elizabeth Warren is dropping out. She’s not perfect. No human being is. But she was perfect for me. She fought through the swamp to create a federal agency devoted to economic justice. She called Bernie out on allegedly calling her a liar. She did a murder-suicide, and took Bloomberg down in two minutes. She is decisive, reliable, flexible, mature, ethical, and strong. But she ain’t got a dick so she’s got to move on.

Told you I’m bitter.



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